The Divided States Of America

by | Nov 6, 2004


I have a number of thoughts about this map and the regional and cultural differences we face today. First, blue and red is the new black and white. That is, the populace is much more evenly divided than this map indicates. Blue states have lots of conservative voters and red states have lots of liberal voters, with some exceptions, notably Utah.

Then I consider that our urban centers are overwhelmingly blue, or liberal. The inverse is also true. Rural counties are almost all red, or conservative. It’s interesting to me how the very Americans most likely to face a terrorist attack are anti-Bush. It seems fear sells much better in homogenous environments. City dwellers are not afraid of gays or foreigners because their nicest neighbors are often gay or foreign-born. It’s in the monocultural landscapes where fear thrives.

See this purple map for a more balanced view.