I am a writer, brand strategist, and creative director with content marketing expertise and experience working closely with the decision-makers at Fortune 500 companies, spunky startups, family-owned businesses, and a variety of good causes.

Business Writing Workshop at XPLANE in Portland, OR

I also start things.

• In 1999, I taught myself to code and I started publishing my writing on the web.

• In 2004, I launched Adpulp.com—one of the first ‘ad blogs’ in existence.

• In 2006, I started, staffed, and ran the Content Department at BFG Communications, a new profit center at the agency.

• In 2010, I started Bonehook to help lifestyle, healthcare, and technology brands to create tighter bonds with their customers (by placing the customer at the center of every decision).

• In 2019, I developed and delivered a new skill-building workshop, “Ad Legends: The People, Creative Movements, and Legendary Work That Shaped the Modern Craft of Advertising.”

• In 2020, I created the Emerging Voices Project on Adpulp.com to identify and pay emerging writers with an interest in media, marketing, and advertising. Also, with Dan Goldgeier’s help, we launched Ad Chatter, the podcast from Adpulp.com.

• In 2021, I published Ad Brains: Honest Conversations with Advertising’s Icons, Rebels, and Rulers. The book is now for sale on Kobo.com, Nook, Apple Books, and Amazon.com.

In 2022, I studied writing and started writing two books, a short story collection and a new collection of poems.

• In 2023, I started painting again for the first time since childhood.

When you’re ready to compel people to care, I’m ready to help. Together we can make a difference for your customers, constituents, and your bottom line.

My Guiding Principles

Art Opens the Door To Commerce.
Writers and artists add beauty, truth, and meaning to the world. Without beauty, truth or meaning in your corporate communications, you have little to offer that’s worthy of anyone’s attention.

Communicate Proactively.
This may be the information age, but it’s also the age of the communication breakdown. As professional communicators, we can’t afford to participate in this blight on the culture. We can all work a bit smarter by sending well-written emails, knowing when to pick up the phone and by keeping an open and honest dialogue going with clients and each other at all times.

Create An Atmosphere of Fearlessness.
My job is to put forth bold new ideas that help my clients’ businesses grow. Therefore, I can never be scared, or hesitant, to dream on my client’s behalf.

A Few Personal Points of Interest

I was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Since then, I’ve lived in 12 other states.

Bear is my spirit animal.

My creative heroes are Jerry Garcia and Frank Lloyd Wright.

My favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

I love medium roasted Ethiopian coffee beans.

I love to fish, and eat fish, especially ceviche.

My first concert was Seals & Crofts at Omaha Civic Auditorium.

I am learning to speak Spanish.

This is what it sounds like when I read a poem that I wrote.