Right Wing Hackers Steal Election. Or Something Like That.

by | Nov 11, 2004

At times, I have had a soft spot for conspiracy theories. So, maybe it should come as no surprise that my liberal friends are sending me reports of alleged voter fraud. Although, I believe this trend has more to do with my friends’ collective disbelief at the outcome of last week’s election, than my penchant for the story beneath the story.

Thom Hartmann writing for Common Dreams points out that anyone that can hack into a personal computer can hack into a central tabulator (the machine that counts votes from hundreds of precincts), since central tabulators are, in fact, nothing more than PCs. Makes sense.

But the thing that really grabbed me is the news that Karen Hughes, one of Dubya’s closest advisors, told the President on election day that he was going to lose and lose big, since Kerry was ahead in all the battleground states. This revelation indicates to me that if a right wing geek squad did intervene on Bush’s behalf, chances are he and his inner circle knew nothing about it.