I am a writer who works with business and community leaders to help them get to the heart of their stories and connect with new audiences.

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David Burn

A great story is a hook. It’s something for people to hold onto, and when you have products or services to sell, it’s imperative to give people this substance, or they’re left grasping.

Brand Planning and Advising

A brand with no plan is a brand out to sea, and that is nowhere to be. Let me help you navigate the demands of reaching multiple audiences across a wide mix of media.


RFPs Are a Waste of Precious Time

There’s a wealth of highly specialized marketing talent available to brands today, but few brand managers know exactly where to look to find a good fit for their most pressing needs.  Sure, the brand manager may read the trades — and maybe she has a robust network of...

More Twitter Love from CA!

The person who runs the Communication Arts Twitter account likes the #AdLegends series on Adpulp.com. I am grateful. CA is the creative industry's standard-bearer, and each Tweet sent from @CommArts is seen by a segment of the magazine's 81,300 followers....

David Burn is the thought leader’s thought leader. In an industry of writers and idea people, his insight and expertise stand out from the hubbub. David brings a fearless point of view with a seemingly endless supply of fresh thinking.


Without Clear Compelling Writing, There Is No Point

Poorly written copy costs you a lot of money. Don’t waste your money — or your reader’s time — with pointless, meandering fluff.

New Book

Ad Brains: Conversations with Advertising’s Icons, Rebels, and Rulers

In this collection of 18 interviews with 19 advertising professionals, the reader travels inside the minds of some of today’s top performers in the field. From the hallways of Madison Avenue to the freelancer’s home office, the lessons and stories offered here will entertain and inform.

Ad Brains is a book of interviews where readers can find pearls of wisdom, bits of humor, and real-life business insights to pocket and carry forward.

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