I work with business and community leaders to help them get to the heart of their stories and connect with new audiences.

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David Burn

A great story is a hook. It’s something for people to hold onto, and when you have products or services to sell, it’s imperative to give people this substance, or they’re left grasping.

Without Clear Compelling Writing, There Is No Point

Poorly written copy costs you a lot of money. Don’t waste your money — or your reader’s time — with pointless, meandering fluff.

David Burn is the thought leader’s thought leader. In an industry of writers and idea people, his insight and expertise stand out from the hubbub. David brings a fearless point of view with a seemingly endless supply of fresh thinking.



What Else I’m Learning While I’m Learning to Paint

I started painting again. The impulse seemed to emerge from nowhere or maybe it came from someplace deep within. When I’m painting, I’m able to get into the zone right away and let myself go. For the most part, I find it’s an unrestrained act to make a painting. This...

The Eyes of Labor Are Upon Us

Hollywood's writers and actors are giving new energy and a prominent voice to the struggles of workers everywhere. When I heard Fran Drescher, president of SAG-AFTRA, make the case for her union members, I was moved. https://youtu.be/J4SAPOX7R5M Did you know that 87%...

Ad Brains: Conversations with Advertising’s Icons, Rebels, and Rulers

In this collection of 18 interviews with advertising professionals, the reader travels inside the minds of some of today’s top performers in the field. From the hallways of Madison Avenue to the freelancer’s home office, the lessons and stories offered here will entertain and inform.

A reader says:

I really enjoyed Ad Brains. When you’ve been working in the ad business as long as I have, you tend to gain a veneer of cynicism. Well, this book helped chip a fair bit of that away as it reminded me of all the smart, interesting people that work in the business. David Burn did a great job of giving us a peak into the minds of many of them.

This book is definitely worth the read for both newbies to the industry, as well as the road-worn folks like myself. A fun read!

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