I am a writer who moves fluidly between fields. A writer who considers the audience first, then asks how can I serve the reader’s needs with narrative.

Does the reader desire to be entertained? Does she need to belly laugh until it hurts? Or would a good cry do the trick?

When you hire me to help shape your brand story, I will do what all seasoned writers do—I will enter the room with a beginner’s mind and I will ask a lot of questions.

Before any quality writing happens, the writer must see what others do not. This more than anything separates writers from typists.

Typists hammer away and get stuff done. Writers evoke feelings and meaning where there was none.


I’ve had the good fortune to help many of America’s best consumer and business-to-business brands—Coors Brewing, Columbia Sportswear, HP, Oracle, Samsonite, Sundance Resort, and many more—shape their messaging and win the hearts and minds of prospects and customers.

After working as a staffer at seven ad agencies in five states, I hung out my own shingle in 2010 in Portland, Oregon, and went to work directly for healthcare, human services, technology, retail, and outdoor recreation companies to help them tell better brand stories, connect with customers, and grow their businesses.

More Featured Work:

Kim Olson for TX Commissioner of Agriculture

Lewis & Clark Bank

GE Healthcare

My Focus As A Copywriter: Brand Journalism

With the rise of digital media, all of a sudden there was a bottomless pit to fill. And we fill it with the poorly named “content.” While people struggle with the word, the concept is not new. Brands have always worked to inform people, and many have used journalism techniques to achieve these ends.

In 2006, I was in the right place at the right time, career-wise. As content director at BFG Communications (now known as 9Rooftops), me and my team were responsible for making hundreds of videos, audio segments, photo galleries, and written pieces in service of the agency’s large packaged goods clients.

this is content marketing

During this run, I interviewed several musicians and bands, combining my love of live music with my love of writing and making online publications.

News and Opinion Writing

I started writing news when I was 18 years old, and opinion when I was 21.

In the fall of 1983, I joined The College Reporter at Franklin & Marshall College as a cub reporter. I went on to serve as assistant news editor, news editor, and columnist. I ruffled a few precious feathers in the doing.

Founded in 2004

Fast forward to 2004 and the launch of Adpulp.com, a community resource for people working in media, marketing, and advertising. What began as an ad blog, quickly morphed into something more powerful.

Today, Adpulp is recognized by Marcom professionals around the world as a trusted independent source for “Advertising News and Know-How.”

Adpulp has been referenced or quoted by Adweek, Advertising Age, The Wall Street Journal, Communication Arts, The Atlantic, Entertainment Weekly, Chicago Sun-Times, and more.

Literary Writing

I write poems, short stories, and essays. I do not write screenplays or dramas for the stage, although I’d cherish an adaptation of my literary work one day.

Right now, I am working on a novella-length manuscript and a new collection of poems.