Before you can tell a compelling story for a brand, a candidate for office, or a good cause, you first must walk a mile in the customer’s, voter’s, or member’s shoes.

The funny thing is, this “mile” is actually a journey that never ends. It never ends because the quest to better understand the customer never ends.

People are complex and we change our minds, sometimes several times in one day. Given the complexity, are you certain that your brand messaging is creating tight bonds with people and driving them to buy from you?

If you are certain and you have data and all the sales you will ever need, do not read on. It would be pointless for you, and I want to save you time.

First, We Walk ‘n’ Talk

If you are in Central Texas, and physically able and willing, this first step in my consulting process is easy and fun. We will meet at a designated trailhead or spot in the city and walk for one hour, while you explain to me the details of your customer communications problem. If you live elsewhere, we can conduct this process over the phone.

DB at City of Rocks State Park

I ask for the Walk ‘n’ Talk because mental constraints come off when you’re on the trail. As you raise your pulse, your senses and consciousness are equally lifted. This is the proper state for a good introductory discussion.

Next, We Outline the Objectives and Scope

Defining the mission makes it possible to succeed. No definite goal, no bueno.

Sometimes, a call or email will come in and the request is definitive. For instance, “I’d like you to write the copy for my new website,” is such a request. It’s nice to be needed. Nevertheless, what is truly needed is an honest assessment. I provide these honest assessments and this is where the exchange of money for services starts.

Following the Walk ‘n’ Talk, which is free, I’ll ask you to decide if you want to move forward and begin to outline project objectives and scope. I believe in flat fee billing, based on project needs.

Interestingly, flat fee billing doesn’t make perfect sense until there’s an honest assessment from the outsider looking in. It may seem scary, but it’s not. It’s me helping you.

I will hear you out with the intention to learn all I can. I will listen to your staff and your customers and start to piece together a comprehensive view, at which point we can agree to find workable solutions together.