SSLYBY On Yeltsin’s Passing

by | Apr 26, 2007

With the recent passing of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, I could not help but wonder what Springfield, MO-based indie band Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin had to say about the news.

The band is presently out on tour with Mute Math and The Cinematics. Here’s the announcement they made from the stage the other night:

Boris Yeltsin was a kind man. But what kind of man was he? With sprite and in spite he tried to do away with the totalitarian ways of his country. He also loved to play tennis. In fact, he was in tennis as he was in politics; he tried to serve well but was not without faults. After his resignation on New Years 1999, he left the publics’ eye and did as he pleased. With a bottle of vodka at his side, he struggled against his health until this past Sunday, when he passed away. Boris Yeltsin may have died of heart failure, but he never failed to have heart. He will remain in our hearts and band name forever. Someone still loves you, Boris Yeltsin.