MySpace Numbers Tell The Story

by | Apr 25, 2007

On the eve of the season’s first Presidential debate tomorrow night in Oranegburg, SC, I thought I’d take a look at what really matters—the number of MySpace friends each candidate has to his or her name.

But hey, let’s not say that numbers are everything. What kind of friends do these politicians attract? That must count for something (not at the polls, of course). With this in mind, Edwards the Handsome looks good. He has Liz for Edwards [& a better America] in his corner, for instance. Liz is 16, attractive, likes good music and isn’t afraid to express her progressive values. One of the stickers on her MySpace page reads, “I’m Straight, Not Narrow.” Another reads, “Born Okay the First Time.” Liz is too young to vote, but she’s already an influencer. Maybe there’s hope for America yet.