Itchin’ For A Straw Bale Revolution

by | Jan 28, 2005

“A big part of what sold us on strawbale building was the feel of the rooms in the SB houses we visited. Rounded corners, both outside and in, irregular surfaces, mottled colors. And of course the play of light around thick-walled windows. I’m sure we’d have been just as impressed by earthships or adobes, as long as they were hand-plastered too. We’d also both lived in old houses, with a variety of smooth but troweled surfaces that we loved.” –Burbophobia

a Burbophobe’s paradise

Since I have a loved one who suffers from Burbophobia, straw bale homes are of particular interest as a long term housing solution. Energy efficient and built to last, these homes can reflect a lot of personality as well, as they’re mostly hand-made, often by the owner’s own hands.