The Oracle Never Mentions Money

by | Jan 29, 2005

Thwenty-three year old entrepreneur, Darren Johnson, recently got to spend some quality time in Omaha with the world’s second richest man, Warren Buffett.


On his blog, Johnson outlines five key areas Buffett addressed.

No. 1 – Be Grateful
Warren spent about an hour talking about how grateful we should all be for the circumstances we were born into and for the generous ticket we’ve been offered in life. He said that we should not take it for granted or think that it is the product of something we did – we just drew a lucky ticket. (He also pointed out that his skill of “allocating capital” would be useless if he would have been born in poverty in Bangladesh.)

No. 2 – Be ethical & fair
No. 3 – Be trustworthy
No. 4 – Invest in your circle of competence
No. 5 – Do what you love

Thanks to Seth Godin for the pointer.