Interviews with Musicians

For most of 2006 and all of 2007 and 2008, I worked as Content Director at BFG Communications (now known as 9 Rooftops). One of the best aspects of my job was covering rock bands in small venues.

BFG was an event marketing agency, and these concerts were all produced by BFG for Camel. From a brand point of view, Camel means rock and roll. When my team got the assignment, we turned from a Camel Cash redemption depot into a nightlife and creative culture ‘zine.

We made hundreds of videos, photo galleries, and written reports from the field. I also chose to do some of the entertainment reporting myself, so I could be close to the action and see what, if any, challenges the team and our freelancers were experiencing.

Looking back on it all, it was a special time. I was able to combine my deep passion for live music with my talent for writing and making online publications.

Here’s a selection of articles that I wrote during that time:

Black Keys and Dinosaur Jr. in Nashville

Dennis Lambert at SXSW

The Faint in San Diego

Arthur Yoria at Rudyards

White Rabbits in Fort Lauderdale

Lucero in Charleston

Anders Parker at MusicfestNW

Thanks for reading.

Go see live music!