Word of Mouth

by | Sep 3, 2003

Word of mouth has always been the best form of advertising. Think about the power of everyday people selling for and working for YOUR company. It’s huge.

Yesterday I dealt successfully with not one, but three corporate entities, and today I want to sing their praises. Waking up on Tuesday–after moving to Chicago over the weekend–with no household Internet connection in place (a disgruntling fact), I decided to try my luck at Starbucks, wherein lie the much touted Wi Fi connection from provider, T-Mobile. I have a Mac and am always worried about whether the developers of “the latest cool thing” took my minority computing preferences into consideration. I’m pleased to say my iBook instantly sniffed out the connection and within minutes I was on the Net updating Web sites and reading email, all while stimulated by iced espresso.

After Darby got off work we found our way down Lincoln to Trader Joe’s, the California grocery wholesaler. Amazing prices on quality stuff. Maybe the jaded Californians take it for granted, but after growing accustom to the outrageous prices at Whole Foods and Wild Oats, it’s nice to have an option like Trader Joe’s.