Marketing to Frat Boys

by | Aug 22, 2003

Coors Light has turned a corner. No longer will consumers see Pete Coors standing in front of the San Juan Mountains (nowhere near Golden, by the way). Today, it’s the twins, and other hotties, flagrantly used to attract millions of young men to the brand. The objective is to get ’em in the franchise early and it’s working. This is a case where bad advertising is actually quite effective.


But, I don’t like it. It’s highly offensive to women. So my question all along has been, “What? You don’t want to sell Coors Light to women ever again?” The answer has been equally emphatic, “No, women are not in our target market.”

One current headline–that thankfully I did not write, although I’ve written some just as bad– says, “Here’s to the Wingman!” A wingman in this context is the guy who volunteers to go home with the ugly chick, thereby saving his buddy the humiliation.

Now, that I’m moving off this client, I don’t mind stating that I find these tactics horrid, at best. In the brewery’s defense (for they are a great client in many other ways) it’s merely a guy insight. This shit really happens out there in meet market land.

Lots of terrible things occur at the hands of drunken frat boys, but why choose to use these occasions to market beer, or any other product for that matter? For money, of course. And I love the pursuit of money as much as the next guy. All I’m saying is higher values, like integrity, need to be recognized and employed, at least by me.