Wave 104.9 Goes Out To Sea

by | Nov 27, 2006

WWVV-FM, a.k.a. Wave 104.9, Hilton Head’s adult album alternative station is no more.


According to Wikipedia:

On Tuesday, November 21st, 2006 the station began playing Christmas music as “104.9 John FM” with a new callsign, WWJN-FM. A male on-air voice could be heard in between songs stating “104.9 is John FM. John tells us what to play. Right now John wants to hear Christmas music so that’s what we’re playing. 104.9 John FM”. It is unknown at this point what format will show up on WWVV after the holidays, although the on-air statements make it seem as though Adult Hits might be likely even though that format is already represented in the area by WGCO-FM and WSGA-FM.

In a larger market, this would be no big deal since radio consumers would have other stations to turn to. Here, the loss is decidedly more papable. For instance, Wave 104.9’s Sunday evening programming included shows like eTown and Grateful Dead Hour. Will another local station pick up these best-in-class programs?

The genesis of these changes began last spring with the sale of the station by California-based Triad Broadcasting to JB Broadcasting, a small South Carolina company headed by John Broomfield. According to The Island Packet, Triad sold in order to comply with federal regulations. Federal Communications Commission regulations only allow a company to own or operate five FM stations in any one market.