Transparency Has Yet To Catch On In DC

by | Feb 22, 2006

Merrill Markoe of the Huffington Post discusses the sad fact that many of our nation’s leaders are really just figure heads for consortiums of international corporations.

When one of them gives an impassioned speech about the first amendment, are they really just a mouthpiece for ClearChannel? When they support the invasion of a struggling impoverished country in the name of freedom everywhere is it because they are seeking real estate to build a Home Depot? Understanding this stuff is like watching a foreign movie without subtitles.

Usually it isn’t my job to propose solutions to these kinds of problems, but I think I have a way to try and minimize the confusion we are all having trying differentiate truth from lies. Maybe it would make everything clearer if we just let the corporations run for office.

Okay, I know it isn’t a perfect system, but it makes as much sense as what goes on now. And at least it’s completely up front. If the current administration had simply run as the Pennzoil/ Halliburton ticket, no one would have had the slightest doubt about what was going to happen to the country in the next eight years.