No Pay. No Play.

by | Dec 19, 2006

Six weeks ago, Bill Sagan opened a virtual treasure trove of classic rock concert recordings on his Web site, Wolfgang’s Vault.

Some of rock-and-roll’s biggest names went to court yesterday to close that vault until Sagan gets their permission to stream their concerts from his site.

Members of Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Grateful Dead, and Carlos Santana sued Sagan and Wolfgang’s Vault for copyright violation yesterday, saying that although the site is streaming the concert recordings for free, it is making money based on the sale of related and unauthorized concert posters and rock memorabilia.

Grateful Dead member Bob Weir said “we have never given permission for our images and material to be used in this way.”

Weir alleged that Sagan “is stealing what is most important to us — our work, our images and our music — and is profiting from the good will of our fans.”

[SOURCE: Fog City Journal and]