On Digital Rights Management

by | Dec 21, 2006

Recently, eMusic surpassed the 100 million songs downloaded milestone. eMusic’s songs are DRM-free, unlike iTunes.

According to Axehole, “Tech bloggers are freaking out about the news.”

Axehole says these bloggers “need a reality check,” then goes on to explain why it would be a mistake to bet on DRM-free music.

  • Most music fans don’t care about DRM
  • eMusic doesn’t really sell songs, they sell subscriptions.
  • Labels aren’t going to get rich from eMusic.
  • eMusic’s sales are less than 1% Apple’s.
  • eMusic’s traffic has flatlined over the last year
  • Musicians aren’t going to get rich at eMusic, either.

For a well-constructed counter argument, see Humminbird Mentality.