The Greening Of America

by | Jul 26, 2006

Boston has always been a thinking person’s city. So it’s no surprise that innovative green products would surface there.


According to The Boston Globe, the city has placed 50 self-compacting, solar-powered trashcans known as The Big Belly in key locations thoughout Boston. They don’t spill. They smell less. And, they hold some 150 gallons of trash, about five times more than a standard city receptacle. There are now more than 200 of the bins worldwide, including in Vail, CO; Vancouver; Cincinnati; Queens, N.Y.; Needham; Newton; and Worcester.

In related news, Texas, a state known for its energy production, not the environmental values of its citizens, seeks to combine the two and become known for both in the process. According to USA Today, the Lone Star state is now the nation’s top producer of wind energy, bypassing California for the first time. Currently, wind makes up about 1% of the nation’s electricity.