Gettin’ All Indie With It

by | Jul 26, 2006

I’ve been listening to indie. It’s part of my job, if you can believe that.

I’ve been listening to The Rogers Sisters, a modern day B-52s from New York City. I’m also listening to Phoenix, The Walkmen, The Stills, Kings of Leon and French Kicks. I look forward to seeing all of these bands live. I’ll be able to get a much better sense of their work in the club setting.

From the recordings, I’d say the Kings appeal most to my tastes, given that they’re tight with the blues. I also like the strangeness of their story–three brothers and a cousin, sons of an evangelist, bizarre lyrics, etc. At the same time, I recognize intelligence and craftsmen-like work in the music of The Sitlls, The Walkmen, Frech Kicks and Phoenix.

I’m kind of hoping indie is an acquired taste, like bourbon. One doesn’t just start downing bourbon. One mozies up to bourbon.