The G.O.P. Makes Me Want to (PUKE) Vote Democratic

by | Sep 3, 2004

I’m a fierce independent. I believe the two party system has to go. Party’s over. I think the Dems are sold out to a slightly less slimy group of special (read: CORPORATE) interests, and that’s all there is separating them from the frightening and shameful Republicans. Yet, due to the hideous nature of our current situation, I’m starting to soften my position.

The G.O.P.’s outrageous media strategy, whereby they paint Kerry as unfit to be Commander-In-Chief–from an executive team with five draft deferments and one absent-without-leave from Guard duty among them–is stunning in its very boldness. They have people worried about John Kerry’s Boston accent in a 30 year old newsreel, while they conduct an illegal, hostile Imperialist policy disguised as The War on Terror, right under all our noses, each and every day, with money we provide for them.

It makes me want to drop my need to vote third party and vote for Kerry this fall. Dennis Kucinich helped me see the wisdom in becoming a progressive Dem. I voted for Dennis in the primary and I want to see him elevated to a cabinet position under Kerry. Dennis has advocated a Dept. of Peace. Great! If John Kerry wants the my vote, the progressive vote, Nadar supporters and the disenfranchised who do not normally vote, he would do well to embrace Dennis at this time.