What I Truly Want To Do

by | Sep 2, 2004

I’m presently looking for a literary agent, or a direct connection with a publisher, interested in one or more of the following book deals. I’m also open to working these stories up in screenplay format, should the money present itself for such an adventure.

Book Deals In The Making:

1) (Yet to be titled), historical fiction centered around the vibrant and controversial life of Mamah Borthwick Cheney, the second wife of famed prairie architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright left his first wife, his children and his practice in Oak Park to escape, first to Europe, then to Wisconsin, with the beautiful, also married and intelligent Mamah. Mamah and her two children were later murdered at Taliesin, the Wright family estate, by an enraged manservant who set the place on fire and then waited at the door with an axe. So it has an painful ending, to say the least.

2) Soundcheck Your Brand, a how-to business book on Internet radio with an emphasis for marketers looking to extend their brand presence into this affordable and creatively promising new medium.

3) Game Day and Other Stories, an introductory batch of stories.

4) Making Room, a book of poems.

5) Our Grateful Journey ~ Heady Reflections, a new journalism memoir capturing the spirit (and odor) of Grateful Dead tour, circa 1990.