Scooter Scoots

by | Jul 3, 2007

I was working to digest my dinner last night when that daily process became unnecessarily difficult. It wasn’t the food’s fault, nor my stomach’s—it was the TV’s fault, for that’s where the news that Scooter Libby would walk away from his 30-month prison sentence was found.

Barry Grey, writing for the World Socialist Web Site, calls the move, “A monument to the lawlessness of the Bush administration and the utter corruption of the American ruling elite.” A conservative patriot couldn’t have said it better.

Nixon’s people broke into a hotel room and went to jail. These people take the White House illegally, twice, lead the nation to war under false pretenses and blow a covert CIA agent’s cover in a scheme to discredit her husband. And “we the people” just stand by and let them. Will anything at all wake this nation of good people from its slumber?