by | Jul 3, 2007

The Indianapolis Star looks at one of the Hoosier state’s top tastemakers–Craig “Dodge” Lile. According to the article, Lile’s My Old Kentucky Blog–a site I frequent–gets 5000 unique visits a day and helps to support the Lile family.

“I have a real core group that trusts what I like,” Lile says. “They believe my ear is valuable, and they trust it. That’s ultimately what I’m going for.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever broken a band (to widespread popularity),” he says. “I’ve probably helped contribute to the hype behind bands on a national level. How much of that sticks in the long run, I don’t know.”

Lile is also a budding satellite DJ. He appears on the Left of Center channel at Sirius Satellite Radio, presenting two hours of music every Tuesday night.