Saltus And Bateaux Dominate

by | Apr 22, 2006

Beaufort has two of the top dining experiences available in the county, a fact Hilton Headers might have some trouble digesting. If so, my advise is take a Tums and point your boat or vehicle towards historic downtown Beaufort, where you can dine in the California-meets-Charleston nautically-restored room known as Saltus River Grill. High ceilings, raw ahi tuna, Oregon pinot noir–that’s the ticket.

Then come back for the coup, cross the river to Lady’s Island and take your first hard right onto an access road, and find Bateaux tucked into the splendor of the marsh. We dined there recently, and the hostess showed us to our window table where we proceeded to bask in the glory of the view, the company, terrific Portugese wine aged for 12 years, fresh salads, delicious entrees all around and the best rice pudding I’ve tasted in my life. Not cheap, but not outrageous, Bateaux is a must visit for anyone–local or otherwise–who appreciates the pursuit of dining perfection.