The Spontaneous Podcast

by | Apr 22, 2006


According to The Creative Coast Initiative, the Savannah area is home to more than 300 knowledge-based businesses, representing multiple industries including: internet/web design, digital media, consulting, software development, among others. In my estimation, one new startup that has a real chance of standing out and becoming an international player is Evoca, a spontaneous podcast provider.

The democratic impulse of the Internet, the ubiquity of the cell phone, and the power of oral expression have convinced us of one thing: it’s time to mobilize the voices. Our concept is simple. Just call one of our world-wide numbers from your cell phone or Skype account and record a message. Or you can upload a recording from your digital recorder. We’ll automatically store whatever you give us in your account. From there, you can organize your recordings, you can share them with the world, or you can keep them all to yourself. It’s spontaneous, it’s far-reaching, and, most importantly, it’s so easy. At Evoca, we intend to enrich the world by empowering your voice.

I signed up for their free service yesterday. Now I have five voice recordings of me performing my poems to offer. Just like that.

Evoca is basically Flickr for voice. A social media site with a million possibilities for users.