Rove-Bot Resigns

by | Jun 1, 2007

CNN is reporting that U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin—Karl Rove’s handpicked choice for U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas—has resigned under the weight of scandal.

Of course, CNN gives up very little information on this character and no information on why he’s stepping aside. For that, we must turn to investigative reporter Greg Palast, who recently mentioned Griffin in a Buzzflash interview.

Of course, the reason my book was subpoenaed is that it has to do with the US prosecutor firings. The prosecutor firings were 100% about influencing elections — not about loyalty to Bush, which is what The New York Times wrote. The administration team couldn’t tolerate appointees who wouldn’t go along with crime. In the book I present the evidence that Karl Rove directed a guy named Tim Griffin to target suppressing the votes of African American students, homeless men, and soldiers. Nice guy. They actually challenged the votes and successfully removed tens of thousands of legal voters from the voter rolls, same as they did in 2000. But instead of calling them felons, they said that they had suspect addresses.

Bobby Kennedy, who is a voting rights attorney, said, “This is not just an icky, horrible thing that people do wearing white sheets. This is a felony crime.” And the guy they put in charge of this criminal ring to knock out voters is a guy named Tim Griffin. Today, Tim Griffin is — badda-bing — U.S. Attorney for Arkansas. When they fired the honest guys, they put in the Rove-bots to fix the 2008 election. That’s what I’m saying — it’s already being stolen, as we speak. Tim Griffin is the perpetrator who’s become the prosecutor, and that’s what’s going down right now.