Fest Your Face Right Off Your Head

by | Jun 2, 2007

I’m watching Umphrey’s McGee live at Mountain Jam in Hunter Mountain, NY right now thanks to the kindness of WDST Radio Woodstock’s streaming capabilities.

It’s raining out but the stage is pretty well covered. The same can’t be said for the field in front of the stage. The crowd is gettin’ wet.

See this event-specific Blogger site for continual updates throughout the weekend.

[SUNDAY NIGHT UPDATE] We came in from dinner at Spice on Hilton Head and turned the stream back on to the opening notes of “Althea.” We’re now deep into “Low Spark” as I update this.

Did I mention that John Scofield is in the band tonight? Hold it, what’s this? “Cumberland Jam > New Speedway Boogie.” I spent a little time on the mountain, I spent a little time on the hill…One way or another this darkness got to give. We’re going into “Mason’s Children.” On with 1969! According to David Dodd, there are 15 known live performances of this song by Grateful Dead, all in 1969-1970, after which it was dropped from the repertoire. Now Warren’s tearing into “Candyman,” off American Beauty. Wah wah pedals into “Scarlet Begonias.” Knew right away she was not like other girls, other girls…jam…change up…”Eyes.” The heart has it’s beaches, it’s homeland, and thoughts of its own. “Fire.” There’s a dragon with matches loose on the town.

Short set break. (They opened with Shakedown > Friend of the Devil > Uncle John’s tease, according to this update.)

Set two opens with “Unbroken Chain,” one of Phil’s originals. “Dark Star > Mountains of the Moon.” Hey Tom Banjo it’s time to matter. The earth will see you on through this time. Jam. Back into “Dark Star.” Noodling. “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds > Lovelight.” Baby please, I’m on my knees.

Organ donor rap > “Not Fade Away.”