Rockygrass Is Bad Ass

by | Aug 1, 2006

Image courtesy of A Superhero by Night

Planet Bluegrass at 500 West Main in the small Boulder County hamlet of Lyons is truly a special place. Like most truly special places, a river runs through it. Last weekend, the high lonesome sound of bluegrass also ran through it, mixing with the gentle gurgle of the St. Vrain.

For me the peak festival performance was delivered by Saturday night’s headliner, Steve Earle and the Bluegrass Dukes. From this performance, “John Walker Blues” into “Jerusalem” was the zenith, as political consciousness met with acoustic perfection to everyone’s delight.

Yonder Mountain String Band on Friday was also well worth the flying out for. YMSB opened with “Dawn’s Early Light,” a song more often found in the second set. That’s what happens when you’re home I guess…your starting place is that much deeper.