Right Wing Propagandists Have Nowhere To Hide

by | Oct 12, 2004

I applaud Sinclair Broadcasting’s transparency. I know many liberals are outraged that the owner of 62 TV stations has ordered the airing of right wing propaganda on the eve of the election, but it serves to hammer home one of the points I continue to make here–that the mainstream media is in the pocket of the Republican Party (click here, or here, to learn how they actually achieve this). This stunt makes Fox News seem legit, and that is a very tall order.

Carlton Sherwood, producer of Stolen Honor

The thing that gets me about this Sherwood guy and slanderers like John O’Neill is the fact that the atrocities in Vietnam are so well documented. Even worse, is the fact that our military is engaged in the same torturous behavior today. To pretend otherwise is as delusional as it is dangerous.

If you’d like to view a true documentary, one with no political axe to grind, here it is. Thanks Frontline.