One of the Decade’s Best Bands About To Release Their Opus

by | Sep 14, 2009

I and Love and You by The Avett Brothers–one of the most anticipated albums of 2009–hits the shelf on Sept. 29. Produced by musical Svengali, Rick Rubin, the album is the band’s major label debut.

Here’s an ad for the album meant to further build the listening public’s anticipation:

Bart Blasengame, a Senior Editor at Portland Monthly magazine, writing in the September issue of Paste Magazine says the North Carolina four-piece is “All Growed Up.” I don’t believe the article is available online at this time, but he argues that it’s kind of sad to see a favorite band blow up.

At the same time, Blasengame is in awe of the band’s new work. He writes:

…they’ve constructed something beautiful. An album that’s not merely loaded with ballads, it’s almost wall-to-wall epic ballads. Pianos trickle before the storm, strings ball up their fists, swell and waves of sound wash over the Avett’s sorghum-sweet harmonies. And this is just in the first song, a goosebump engorging title-track that could by itself inspire a legion of new fans.

The Avett Brothers have been playing their new title-track live for several months now. For instance, they played a special unplugged verison for The Ice Cream Man while in Newport, RI for the folk fest this summer.