Clear Your Slate For Dirty Martini on 10/23

by | Sep 8, 2009

Portland singer-songwriter, Stephanie Schneiderman, reunites with Lara Michell and McKinley of Dirty Martini for a performance at Mississippi Studios next month.

”One thing that was great about Dirty Martini was that it shifted my writing to a darker place and it changed my singing to a bit more understated than before,” says Schneiderman. “I learned so much musically and otherwise in that band across the four years we were really active.”

If you can’t wait that long to see Ms. Schneiderman on stage, she’s appearing at Muddy Boot Organic Festival this Sunday. Schneiderman will be followed by headliner and fellow Portland artists, Weinland.

[MP3 Offering] “Waiting for Magic” by Dirty Martini