My Presentation to Advertising & PR Students at the University of Texas

by | Mar 21, 2022

I was invited to speak to undergraduates at the Stan Richards School of Advertising & PR at the University of Texas. The invite came from the Association of National Advertisers in New York City.

The suggested topic for this guest lecture was “My Work as a Creative Director,” plus any tips I may have for graduating seniors seeking work in advertising, media, or marketing.

With the lecture hall as my stage, I brought a strong point of view forward and shared it with the students. One of the things I said is:

Ads Can Solve Powerful Problems

I wanted to leave the students with the idea that there are no limits on what can be achieved for a client, and that some client “at-bats” are more important than others.

During the Q+A following my slides, I was asked some great questions. One question that I thought was smart to ask, was:

What do you know now about working in the ad business that you wish you knew when you entered the business?

I said I wish I took seriously just how fragile one’s reputation inside the industry is, and that somehow we all must find a way to be nice, likable, and a pleasure to work with…without losing our standards or creative edge.