Mighty Dave’s Latest Effort

by | Jul 19, 2004


My Bay Area musician buddy, Mighty Dave, has a new disc out. Dave says, Short Goodbyes has a big, beautiful sound and features some of the finest musicians goin’. Including: Dale Fanning and Arne Livingston (Living Daylights), Jon Evans (Tori Amos, Paula Cole), Eric Mcfadden (Stockholm Syndrome, EMT), Reggie Watts (Maktub), Mic Gillette and Johnnie Bamont (Tower Of Power), Karl Perazzo (Santana), Jennifer Newell (Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey) and Eenor (Les Claypool), Geoff Pearlman, Zoe Ellis, Scott Law, Matt Baxter, Chris Haugen, Patrick Kaliski, Bruce Hamm and more.