Making Notes Forever New

by | Jun 7, 2010

Leftover Cheese Spread has always been a personal journey through the music that moves me. Unlike some other sites I produce, this one was never meant to “take off” or be anything other than a good place to share notes about the bands we love.

This is what happened: the PR machine that helps promote bands, labels and shows realized what an impact blogs and social media in general is having on the music business. So now, publicists contact me regularly to help get the word out about new bands. The great majority of these appeals go unheeded however, because I typically prefer that a friend turn me on to new music, not a publicist.

Screw it, maybe I can shift a gear. Maybe, I can dig through a shitload of old emails from publicists right now and start sharing with you the wealth of material that’s available. Here, I’m doing it.

Bands I Don’t Really Know (But Maybe I Should)

That takes me back about one month through my email. As you can see, it’s unending. Lots of talented people have lots to say and they know how to say it. It’s sort of mind-boggling to consider just how much music there is to discover and enjoy.

Of all the band I listed above, I especially like indie rock duo, Lloyd’s Garage, from northern California.

Comparisons to The Black Keys are self-evident here, but hey, I like The Black Keys (which is why I just purchased their new album Brothers).