I’m No CEO, but I’ll Kick Donny Deutsch’s Ass.

by | May 24, 2004

According to New York Press, the city’s self-proclaimed “premier alternative newspaper,” Donny Deutsch is one of New York’s most loathsome characters.


Donny Deutsch
Ad Man

DEUTSCH REPRESENTS THE latest trend in that most loathsome of New York traditions: the selling of adolescent greed, egomania and narcissism as charisma and depth of character. The chief of David Deutsch Associates (sic.) says he only hires “Jews, chicks and fags,” and is known for tearing off his shirt during office hours and saying—without irony—things like, “I can kick the ass of any CEO in advertising!” Think Steven Seagal meets Charlotte Beers. The “Elvis of Advertising” has been dabbling with a CNBC talk show and even told New York magazine that he’d consider running for mayor. Qualifications: good at selling shit, does lots of pushups. Look out, Bloomie.