I’m In An Edwardian Frame of Mind

by | Jan 25, 2008


Tomorrow is the South Carolina Democrat primary. I have the opportunity, along with many other citizens, to vote for the Palmetto State’s native son, John Edwards. His daddy worked in the mill. You might have heard.

It certainly does not appear that he’ll be elected President, but Edwards would make a great VP or Attorney General, in my opinion. So, a vote for Edwards tomorrow is a vote to keep him in the race, where he can win delegates and wield some bargaining power as the field heads to the nominating convention.

I like Obama too, but I don’t buy that he’s a real change agent. I see him as more of a player, a careerist, willing to say and do what needs to be done to get ahead. In other words, he’s like the Clintons.

Of course, I’d prefer to cast my ballot for Cleveland’s radical dreamer, Dennis Kucinich, but sadly he withdrew from the race the other day.