To win hearts and minds, consistently convey your core truths.

I am a writer, brand builder, and leader of creative teams based in Austin, Texas. Many of America’s top companies have called on me to help them shape and share their best brand stories.

A great story is a hook. It’s something for people to hold onto, and when you have products or services to sell, it’s imperative to give people this substance, or they’re left grasping.

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David Burn – Writer, editor, and entrepreneur

Without Clear Compelling Writing, There Is No Point

Ad legend, Leo Burnett once said, “There’s no such thing as ‘hard sell’ and ‘soft sell.’ There’s only ‘smart sell’ and ‘stupid sell.’” In my book, the smart sell is the one that respects and favors the customer.

This is why all quality writing starts with an informative “walk” in the reader’s shoes. To connect with people in today’s marketplace, you can’t just state your offer. You need to cast a spell.

Learn from the legends

The Ad Legends Workshop

Great teams know and practice the fundamentals. This is true in sports, as it is in business.

David Burn is the thought leader’s thought leader. In an industry of writers and idea people, his insight and expertise stand out from the hubbub. David brings a fearless point of view with a seemingly endless supply of fresh thinking.

Sally Hogshead

Navigate by your Brand’s true north

Brand Planning and Advising

A brand with no plan is a brand out to sea, and that is nowhere to be. Let me help you navigate the demands of multiple audiences across a wide mix of media. When you point the brand to your company’s true north, everyone knows why you matter to them.

David’s investment in our success is palpable to our team and shows up in the product. It’s such a pleasure to work with an agency that’s aligned with our ethos, and our ever-evolving, often complex needs.

Brooks Berg, State Director, Danville Services of Oregon

Advertising News and Know-how

The Practitioner’s Point of View

Adpulp.com presents readers with unique inside-the-industry perspectives and maker’s know-how.

Adpulp.com is the media side of my media/marketing coin. It’s also a rich compost for IP creation.

In 2019, we rolled out the Ad Legends Workshop. Now, we’re about to publish a book of interviews with industry icons, rebels, and rulers.

Stale or Ambiguous Copy Never Works

Poorly Written Copy Costs You A Lot of Money

Don’t waste your money or your reader’s time with pointless, meandering fluff.

With great storytelling on your side, you will make meaning, forge bonds, and deepen commitments.

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