Hagel, McCain, Kerry & Kerry

by | Sep 21, 2004

“The fact is a crisp, sharp analysis of our policies is required. We didn’t do that in Vietnam, and we saw 11 years of casualties mount to the point where we finally lost. We can’t lose this. It is too important,” said Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, a Vietnam War veteran with two Purple Hearts to his credit, on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday.

Leave it to a Nebraskan to break it down. Hagel’s not going to fall in line. Nor would the former Democratic Senator from Nebraska (and current President of The New School), Bob Kerry, fall in line. Like Republican Senator John McCain, these two gentlemen from Nebraska share a key commonality with John Kerry, Democratic Senator from Massachusetts and Democratic nominee for President. Their experience under fire in Vietnam informed their lives. Bob Kerry lost a leg. All four lost friends. And all four forever lost what the Bush people demand–blind faith in America’s mission overseas.

The junior Senator from NE won his second term with 83% of the vote.