For Once, Jon Stewart Wasn’t Very Funny.

by | Oct 19, 2004

Sadly, I missed last Friday’s edition of CNN’s Crossfire, where comedian Jon Stewart admonished the left’s Paul Begala and the right’s Tucker Carlson. Thankfully, webmasters everywhere have posted the bandwidth-rich piece to their sites.

I salute his intent and his moxie, but Stewart made the mistake of being seriously serious. As a fan of his show on Comedy Central, I don’t mind saying he is much better when he’s seriously funny. Carlson asked him if he lectured his friends this way and called him a bore—a real insult coming from a man in a bow tie. Stewart said, sure if they deserve it. Carlson went on to say Stewart is John Kerry’s “butt boy.” Stewart capped off his partisan hacks attack, by calling Tucker a dick.