Fix Your Tie And Get Wise

by | Apr 17, 2008

I caught my first Spoon show last night in Fort Lauderdale. I’m so glad I did.

Several of the band’s song are still echoing in my head, including “Turn My Camera On,” “Cherry Bomb,” “Don’t You Evah,” “Eddie’s Ragga” and “Rhythm and Soul.”

Here’s a live performance of “Rhythm and Soul” from last fall in Nashville:

I wish I had video from last night to share. This band is beyond tight. Lead singer and guitarist, Britt Daniel, is a force of nature. The son of a neurologist, Daniel grew up in Temple, Texas, before heading to Austin for university. He now lives in Portland, Oregon–another musical stronghold. I mention his background because this is a smart guy heading up a smart band.

Spoon is also skinny jeans band. In fact, long tall Mr. Daniel sports a pair. But there aren’t any shoegazers at this show. Spoon “gets your hands from your back pockets.”

[MP3 Offering] “Rhythm and Soul” from The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA, 8/20/06