moe. Crows

by | Feb 8, 2003

The Motet, moe., and Vinyl in Denver Town

We started the weekend off right at Dulcinea’s 100th Monkey, an acid jazz bar on Colfax and part of the Quixote’s hippydream empire. A variation of The Motet lineup, going by the name of The Motet Playground was the featured act in this cozy den of a bar with a back alley entrance. With high ball glass in hand, and a groove solidly on, I reflected on how rich the music scene truly is on the Front Range. I had much more opportunity to explore this theme on Saturday, as Drew, Miner and I headed to moe. at the Fillmore. We walked in to the opening notes of “Nebraska,” a welcoming omen, since I’m an Omaha boy living in Denver. moe. kicked it into gear in a big way with a wicked set two opener. First up, “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” with Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes on vocals. Then a rousing “Plane Crash” that had the captive crown chanting the chorus, “I get too fucking high!” moe. ended just after midnight, so we moe.zied on down to Five Points and the newly opened Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom for Vinyl, a Bay Area groove collective. Cervantes–formerly known as The Casino, a nightclub that catered to the black community–has atmosphere and character in droves. I look forward to many more shows here.