Enjoying Long Island’s Natural Heritage

by | Dec 26, 2004

I mentioned the other day how the New York area has too many people and not enough space. I’m not about to back off that assessment, but I am willing to offer some perspective. Parts of Long Island are exceptionally nice, for living and visiting. Where I’m at now, in Smithtown, is one such place. Smithtown is an historic village on the north side (near Stony Brook) about 50 miles east of Manhattan.


Yesterday–Christmas Day–the temperature was in the 30s, but it was sunny and therefore mild. To get some exercise, we drove a short distance through the woods and along the Nisseqougue River to Long Beach on Long Island Sound. Long Beach features five plus miles of rock-strewn beach and stunning views across the sound to Connecticut. The views of the sometimes quaint, sometimes grand and always expensive beachfront homes is also interesting.