eBay Didn’t Work For Me

by | Sep 30, 2003

eBay didn’t work for me. I posted my Garcia print, “Poet Reflects The War” in two consecutive 7-day auctions and received no offers, just a note from a nice lady who remarked that my print was probably worth quite a bit more than I was selling it for.

What did work was reaching out to my own network of networked individuals. Thankfully, my network is filled with Deadheads so it turned out exceptionally well for all parties. My buddy Jeffrey Smith, a photographer and designer in Colorado, put my sell notice on a local email list. So the buyer was not a friend of Jeff’s per se, just an online associate in a group list, who trusted Jeff, then me to deliver on said intent to sell said goods in said condition. And with a little help from FedEx it all worked perfectly. I love it.