Creative Class At Home In Savannah

by | Jan 6, 2007


Creative Class spokesman, Richard Florida spoke in front of 800 people in Savannah last month. I missed it, but I saw him speak at SXSW in 2003, so I know first-hand the message the man delivers.

Creative Coast Initiatve executive director Chris Miller was there. Miller left a lengthy comment on Florida’s blog about the experience and how Savannah fits the bill for a city able to attract members of the so-called Creative Class.

Even as many (if not most) other cities shed creative, young professionals, Savannah is not only bucking the national trends by not losing there folks, we are a rare place that is growing the 25-34 age demographic at a rate exceeding the overall population growth of the area!

Ironically enough, they are coming from other major metro areas that attracted young folks in the 90’s but are now losing them to smaller, more soulful places where they can more easily engage in the community and express their creativity in a cultured but quirky place that embraces them.

In my view, Savannah College of Art + Design must be credited with bringing thousands of young creative people to town, many of whom opt to stay in Georgia’s first city after graduation. The ones who do stay tend to work for, or create their own, creative companies–proving that an investment is education is the best investment a person, a city or a nation can make.

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