Jewel’s Low-Fi Sincerity

by | Jan 9, 2007

According to Teen Hollywood, one popstar is eager to return to her DIY roots.

Jewel is determined to show her former bosses at Atlantic Records how cheap it can be to record, release and market acts after filming a new music video for just $5,000.

The Alaskan singer/songwriter is in between record deals after parting ways with Atlantic, and she’s out to prove you can be a star on the cheap.

“I’m going to continue my career by trying to make records that are affordable. I think records cost too much and have such a big burden that you can’t make it back as an artist or as a label.

“I just made a video for $5,000 and filmed it on Super 8 (film) on my ranch. I think you have to make cheap affordable videos and try to make music about music again which for me works because I was never about being very cool anyway, so sincerity works in low-fi.”