Brad Serling Is Kicking It The Phuck Down

by | Sep 23, 2004

Brad Serling, the creator of the famous live downloads site, and more recently a partner with Phish in, is a young entrepreneur to watch, and I must admit it, admire. He’s a Cornell grad, dot com techee, and live music aficionado. He’s provided music-on-the-web consulting to The Dead and many other prominent bands. He’s also doing what I do with Leftover Cheese, except on a much larger scale. Where I get about 2000 listeners a month, his streaming audience, according to reports, tops 50,000 a month. also presents dedicated streams of live Phish and live Cheese, exclusively. That is, the bands are working in concert with, letting Serling and crew handle the digital distribution of their intellectual property. And why not? Bands make music. Fans and geeks are only too happy to package and distribute it for them. Makes sense to me.

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