An Enterprising IPA

by | Jan 31, 2009

I quaffed my first pint of Terminal Gravity IPA last night. While considering my choices at McPeet’s Tavern on Fremont Street, I found the branch-of-a-tree tap handle intriguing. Thankfully, the beer was right there with it.

Here’s how Beervana describes the liquid from Enterprise, in the NE corner of the state:

Pours a surprisingly dark, deep amber/orange with a nice head that, not suprisingly, doesn’t survive the alcohol long. Malt and alcohol dominate the nose, hops singing harmony.

I enjoyed this pint on the heels of Widmer’s Broken Halo IPA, which was a refreshing opener to the night’s beer session. Terminal Gravity’s IPA provided a deeper, richer, more brooding experience and the perfect segue into even denser liquids of the stout variety.