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Save Your Thumb And Your Mind: View As One Page

Pageview journalism is a method of presenting information online in a slideshow or other framework that garners as many clicks from a reader as possible. This is what it looks like: Writing for The Guardian, Charlie Brooker lambastes the … [Read more]

Wise Use of Online Customer Data Leads To Print Rebirth

I like to read about media enterprises that are thriving. It provides hope for the industry, and hope for me personally as a writer, editor and self-publisher. According to The New York Times, Etienne Uzac, 30, and Johnathan Davis, 31, … [Read more]

Ad Blogging: A Positive Practice, An Unhealthy Obsession, Or Both?

Nearly two months ago, I made the decision to stop adding new content to I wanted to starve the blog and my blogging habit in the process. In theory it ought to be easy to do, the starving of a blog. Just close the window on it. Shut down … [Read more]

Poetry Is The Corrective

America needs more poets and more lovers of poetry. I am prepared to do my part as a citizen, and as a writer and reader of verse. Post by Oregon Poet Laureate.   The clever display of the poem fragment above is from Paulann … [Read more]

Spreading the Word

Last year I began to actively seek out new places to publish my writing. As someone who has invested heavily in the development of my own sites, I felt it was important to break out of any traps of my own making. To this end, here are three new … [Read more]

2013—The Year in Place

"Choose my bluest tape and unlock my car An honest tune with a lingering lead has taken me this far" - Houser/Bell Here’s a run down of the places (other than home) where I spent at least one night in 2013: Smithtown, NY Marco Island, … [Read more]

The Wheel Is Turning

As my best friend faces his final days on Earth, I am thinking and feeling many things, including how important it is to focus on the right things in life -- good times with family and friends, doing meaningful work, battling injustice and pursuing … [Read more]

The Court Will Recognize: A Blog Can Be More Influential Than Mainstream Media

I learned about the existence of SCOTUSblog this morning. The site is read widely by those with an interest in Supreme Court cases, and this year won a prestigious Peabody Award for excellence in electronic media. While the industry pub I … [Read more]

Know Thyself Writer-Man

Digital disrupts all in its wake. Even our language is not safe. Consider the word "content." It's a word I have adopted to clarify my professional specialty. In April 2006, I was promoted from senior copywriter to content director at BFG … [Read more]