Zydeco Under the Volcano

by | May 9, 2009

How stoked are we about booking Donna Angelle & Zydeco Posse for the Burn Strong Interdependence Day Celebration on July 4th? Very!

Here’s why. It’s not everyday that a zydeco diva and her posse rolls up to a mountain side retreat and unleashes the powers of according-driven music and Louisiana good times. Thankfully, for us the Waterfront Blues Festival is taking place in Portland from 7/2 to 7/5, which is what brings the St. Martinville, LA band to the Northwest.

I was pleased to see Music Millenium on East Burnside stocking two of the group’s discs when I visited the store last week. I bought them both, of course. Now, Workin’ It and Guaranteed Lover are in our rotation and we get more excited to party with this band and our friends and family at every listen.

Angelle has some saucy, often funny lyrics to go with her driving beats. She also has a soulful voice to deliver them with. Rubboard Mary also brings several of the band’s tunes to life. And when Ruboard Mary’s not on stage she manages the band and handles booking.

[LISTEN] “Rockin’ It Steady” by Donna Angelle & Zydeco Posse