Yoria Euphoria

by | May 23, 2007

“But when the smoke dissipates and bills are late, it’s time to think about handshake smiles and lipstick spittle in the wind” – Arthur Yoria

I attended Arthur Yoria’s record release party at Rudyard’s in Houston on Saturday night. A good time was had by all, and I feel it was worth climbing aboard a jet to be there.

photo by Derek Slaton

Yoria is a unique voice from a city famous for them. Perhaps to help set himself apart from the previous generation of Houston singer-songwriters–players like Guy Clark, Rodney Crowell and Lyle Lovett–Yoria says he’s “post-singer-songwriter.” In truth, he sounds nothing like these Texas gentlemen. On some of his slow songs he strikes an Elliot Smith chord, on others he sounds a little like M. Ward. Yet, he can can turn on a dime and deliver an upbeat pop song with the best of them. The guy’s a unique talent.

Yoria’s new album, Handshake Smiles, is available for purchase from his MySpace page. If you’re a fan of song craft, you’ll want to own this disc.

[PODCAST: Arthur Yoria interview, Rudyard’s, Houston, 5/19/07]